Ronna Louise White

I am a journalist with experience in writing various types of media including, yet not limited to, news, feature, crime, opinion and much more through diverse platforms.


Let’s take a trip back in time; the year is 2008. Everyone is just now getting over their involuntary twitch to swoop their side bangs out of their face after … Continue reading

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In a world of Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook and an array of other social media platforms, why do we need another? Well, it’s quite simple, Vero offers it all in … Continue reading

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Let’s Taco ‘Bout e*Restaurant

I started working at Taco Bell HQ back in November 2016. Very quickly my co-worker and I pitched an idea for an interactive blog targeting restaurant managers that would include … Continue reading

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Social Media Examples

While interning at MKM, an event planning and public relations company, I was largely involved with most of their social media for their various events–LB Taste of Brews, LB Oktoberfest … Continue reading

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Cambodia Town Enriches LB Culture, Diversity

The Cambodian people have a rich history that began long before the creation of Cambodia Town, also known as Little Phnom Penh or Little Cambodia, in Long Beach. Cambodia Town … Continue reading

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Volterra Dental Strongly Rooted in Community

Volterra Dental, preciously known as Dr. Art Laos and Associates, has a rich history in comprehensive and cosmetic dentistry. They opened their doors in 1992 and have been providing their … Continue reading

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Straight Talk With Art Levine & Jim Michaelian

Edited by Ronna White Art: Welcome to Straight Talk. We have a great show for you focused on the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach with our friend Jim Michaelian. … Continue reading

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Honeymoon on a Yacht

Docked in Long Beach’s Rainbow Harbor are a variety of upscale yachts that provide their guests with a unique take on the traditional bed and breakfast. Say hello to the … Continue reading

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LBPD Will Begin Wearing Body Camera

The Long Beach City Council unanimously voted in favor for the Long Beach Police Department to partake in a year-long pilot test of body cameras on Jan. 5, Approximately 50 … Continue reading

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Sex and beyond

“When I grow up, I want to be a hooker,” is not the typical goal that you would expect from a young child, let alone a conservative mormon girl. Yet, … Continue reading

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