Ronna Louise White

I am a journalist with experience in writing various types of media including, yet not limited to, news, feature, crime, opinion and much more through diverse platforms.

Between the sheets: A new sex column

We live in a day and age where people are afraid of the fact that we are all sexual beings.

We are taught to internalize all of our sexual thoughts, desires and even our sexual preferences even though the world around us is exploiting sex and sexuality daily.

All individuals should celebrate and embrace being a sexual person. Sex is an important part of life and should be enjoyable.
There is no good explanation why all people should not enjoy sex and be verbal about it. I mean, if society tells us that we are not supposed to enjoy sex then why do we have orgasms?

My name is Ronna White and this is my third year at Orange Coast College.
I knew that I wanted to be a sex and relationship journalist after I took a human sexuality class at OCC my very first semester. I want to explore the wonderful world of sex and relationships with all of you during this semester.

Get ready for lots of laughs, interesting and thought provoking topics and a whole lot of personal experiences.

My topics will range from dating etiquette to disputed topics to anything and everything to do with sex.

I encourage people to write in to the Coast Report with topic ideas, questions, personal experiences and anything else.
I value all of my readers’ opinions and I would love to hear from all of you so please do not be shy.

You can write me at

See more at:


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