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Between the sheets: Mind your Ps and Qs

Navigating the dating world can be a tricky thing while attending college. It is difficult trying to memorize the do’s and don’ts of dating etiquette during an actual date.

I have been on many first dates and realize there are quite a few things that are important to keep in mind.
Let’s start off with the before-the-date etiquette.

The first step is realizing that whoever initiated the date should plan and pay for the day. So yes ladies, this means if you ask a guy out then you should be open to planning and paying for the date. It is not always the guy’s responsibility to have to plan and pay for the date because it is considered a societal norm.

Always have the date planned. It is unattractive when you get into someone’s car and the first thing they say is, “so what do you want to do?”

I recommend planning a date that allows both of you to engage each other in conversation. So going to a movie is a big no-no because there is no possible way to get to know another person while sitting in a quiet dark room.

I personally enjoy going on a picnic at the beach or in a park or doing something a little more adventurous like go-carting.
Just remember to always go somewhere where conversations can flow out naturally without having it be overly awkward.
It is also important for the guy to pick up the girl. I know for a fact chivalry is not dead and picking a girl up from her home goes a long way. It is a simple gesture that honestly can make or break a date. I personally feel it is really awkward meeting someone somewhere for a date.

It is much more appropriate to pick the girl up, and it makes a good first impression and will usually start the date off on a much more positive note.

Never treat a date like an interview. The best conversations usually start off with a general question and naturally expand from there. I enjoy talking about my family, friends, music taste, school and my favorite things to do.
These topics are always what come to my mind first when I want to get to know another person. Simple topics can easily progress into different topics, resulting in a smooth and successful conversation.

You can be reassured that the conversation is going well by how rarely the other individual checks their phone or by the amount of eye contact.

Ending the date is always tricky. You can never be too sure if the other person is as into you as you are to them, so it is difficult to know if you should kiss them.

If you have no clue whether the other person is into you then kiss their cheek, otherwise go for a simple kiss on the lips. I would always top off the date with a simple goodnight and thank you text. It is yet another simple gesture that goes along way.

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This entry was posted on February 26, 2014 by in Column, Opinion.
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