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Painter and badass combined

Jessica D’Innocenzo is one hardcore-painter chick.

D’Innocenzo, 20, a graphic design major, rocked her way into one of Orange Coast College’s Art Center’s exhibits that showcased her raw talent and love for hardcore and metal music.

She said she drew her inspiration from The Story So Far’s album “What You Don’t See” for her 14 original paintings that debuted in the Art Center’s exhibit, also titled “What You Don’t See.”

D’Innocenzo said she started the series of paintings after she was given a color assignment in which each student had to create a few paintings with different color schemes. D’Innocenzo said that the assignment inspired her so much that she decided to create a whole series of paintings dedicated to the album.

Her series of artwork, which was on display in February, is far from the rainbows and butterflies that many girls enjoy doodling. She draws her inspiration from various hardcore and metal bands like Parkway Drive, Arch Enemy and Issues that are clearly transposed to her paintings and artwork.

Each piece of artwork has its own personality, but all seem to possess the same eerie vibe. Although all the paintings are brightly colored and vibrant, they display an abstract interpretation of a people with vines flowing throughout every crevice of their bodies, well defined, detailed under eye circles and cracks on their necks and faces.

Nonetheless, each piece of artwork is intriguing and one of a kind.

“I would describe myself as an expressionistic artist who is very colorful in a dark way,” D’Innocenzo said.

After being honored at OCC’s Art Center, D’Innocenzo was chosen to display three of her 14 original paintings from her “What You Don’t See” showcase at the Orange County Academy Art Exhibit. The exhibit is underway and is open until April 19.

D’Innocenzo has been attending OCC for three years pursuing her passion for art and graphic design. She said she will be attending Cal State Long Beach in the fall where she plans on furthering her education in graphic design.

D’Innocenzo said she always knew she was an artist but chose graphic design as a major because of the vast opportunities and potentially better pay.

“I’m not sure exactly what I plan on doing with graphic design, but my dream job is to make merchandise designs for metal bands,” she said.

D’Innocenzo’s life does not always revolve around the arts. She has been working part-time at Edwards Theater in Aliso Viejo for about five years.

She said she also enjoys photography, cooking and going to the gym whenever she gets the chance. She also spends a lot of her free time with her family and brother, who she claims to be her muse.

D’Innocenzo not only listens to, and is inspired by hardcore-metal bands, she is also one bad ass artist.

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