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Show grabs audience by the throat

Orange Coast College’s rendition of the musical thriller “Sweeney Todd” grabbed the audience by the throat and left them wanting more.

Sweeney Todd, played by OCC alumnus David Stoneman, the demon barber of Fleet Street, returns to London to seek revenge against Judge Turpin (Ree Johnson) who unjustly sent him away and ravaged his young pregnant wife.

Mrs. Lovett, played by OCC’s voice instructor Beth Hansen, an amateur baker with a rundown pie shop, teams up with Sweeney Todd to help dispose of the bodies of his victims by baking them into her pies that soon become a hit with the people of London.

The show was fast-paced with flawless singing from the whole cast and brilliant acting.

Each actor perfectly embodied their character by not only dressing the part but also by showing each character’s personality and sanity through slight ticks and mannerisms.

The stage set an ominous, eerie mood with dimly lit 19th century street lamps on both sides and differently colored back lights depending on the tone of the scene.

The actors used minimal props to help the scenes become more believable.

Yet, I think that the use of props was not necessary because the performance of the actors alone captivated the audience’s attention.

Not only was the performance of the actors and choir wonderful but OCC’s symphony, led by OCC’s Faculty Member of the Year Ricardo Soto, was also outstanding. The music made the show so much more emotional, eerie and even suspenseful.

The performance was broken into two acts and the show ran about two hours.

But, the audience wanted more.

When the show ended everyone in the Robert B. Moore Theatre stood and not a single person started walking out until the last member of the play left the stage.

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