Ronna Louise White

I am a journalist with experience in writing various types of media including, yet not limited to, news, feature, crime, opinion and much more through diverse platforms.

Between the Sheets: Catcalls

How many times have you been walking down the street, and a car either honks at you or you hear kissing sounds and other audible nonsense that some men think will attract a woman? If you are a female, I am guessing it has happened to you at least a dozen times.

I personally have had it done to me by men of various ages, ethnicities and financial background (you can tell by the cars they drive). These types of men do not discriminate either – believe me.

I am not bothered so much by the fact that men “flirt” with me like this as I am minding my own business, but no way would I ever agree that these actions are complimentary.

I struggled with accepting compliments in the past because I had a low self-esteem, but I learned to accept them. Being called “beautiful,” “cute,” or having someone comment on a physical attribute, personality trait or even personal characteristic can be a compliment to me.

Just remember that telling someone that he or she has a “beautiful body” is different from saying, “Damn, you have a nice rack and a great ass.” One is a compliment, and the other is straight up sexual harassment.

No one wins in the situation either. The person yelling out never gets a positive reaction from the person they are harassing, and the person being harassed feels violated.

Stop catcalling.

My name is Ronna White, and I am a 21-year-old journalism student with a passion for anything and everything about sex and relationships. This is my first year at California State University, Long Beach. I attended Orange Coast College for my first three years of college right out of high school.

While attending OCC, I took a human sexuality class that opened my eyes to the wonderful world of sex. This class forced me out of my comfort zone by passing around giant dildos, interviewing former porn stars, and even discovering my own sexuality.

I wrote a sex and relationship column for their newspaper, and I loved every minute of it.

I also have my own personal blog on which I share personal experiences, discussing topics like pap smears and giving tips on how to give a mind-expanding blow job or to helping a woman reach an orgasm. I try to be not only entertaining, but also as educational as possible.

I decided to start talking and writing about sex because I noticed that others were too scared to. People are taught to suppress their sexual appetite and not flaunt their sexuality at all from a very young age.

Sex and sexuality should be openly accepted. We should not only talk about the act but also about our fantasies, sexual preferences, and so on, without criticism or judgment from others.

I hope to empower women, since their sexuality has been suppressed far more than men. Women should be able to talk openly about sex, like men can, without worrying about slut-shaming.

My main purpose for this column is to help to create a more informed, tolerant, sex-positive society. I enjoy having sex, and I know most people that are sexually active enjoy it as well, so why shy away from talking about something you enjoy so much? It just does not make sense.

I am open to questions, comments, concerns and so on. The only requirement is that you keep it clean by refraining from using derogatory or demeaning terms. Feel free to email me at I look forward to hearing from you all.

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