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Honeymoon on a Yacht

Docked in Long Beach’s Rainbow Harbor are a variety of upscale yachts that provide their guests with a unique take on the traditional bed and breakfast. Say hello to the Dockside Boat and Bed.

The owners, Kent and Kim Ryskamp, opened the Long Beach location in spring of 1999, after Kim’s father, Rob Harris’, two previous locations in Oakland and San Francisco were successful.

Harris came up with the idea of a boat and bed when he realized that around 90 percent of boats sit empty and unused about 90 percent of the time. So he decided to utilize this opportunity to make money not only for himself but for the individuals that privately own the yachts, willing to rent them.

Dockside has around five different yachts for the guests to choose from, ranging from $210 to $275 per night for two people. Each additional guest costs $25, while children under five are free. Prices are based on not only the amenities provided but also the location on the dock and the view it provides. Kent makes the reference that these boats are like a vacation home. When their owners are not using them, they can be rented out to guests. The yacht owners then receive a portion of the proceeds that help with the ownership and docking costs of their yachts.

“The bulk of our customers are the romantic getaway couples looking for something different,” said Kent. He goes on to say that about 80 percent of their guests come from within a two-hour driving range and are looking for a unique getaway with a panoramic waterfront view.

Each boat is equipped with a refrigerator, coffee maker, microwave, toaster and a gas BBQ on the dock. A DVD player, small library of movies and limited digital cable TV access is also available along with complimentary coffee and tea, light snacks, and bottled water. The dock, as said by Kent, is equivalent to a lobby in a hotel including tables and leisurely seating. Overnight parking is offered for $10 but free to guests who are staying for multiple nights.

Dockside provides their guests with a unique getaway option and according to the owners “everyone should own a yacht, even for just a night.”

Dockside Boat and Bed is located at 330 S. Pine Ave.

Get more information at or call (800) 436-2574 or (562) 436-3111.

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